The mysterious stone “suddenly” appeared before the Mars rover

It has a donut size and was completely astonished by a team of NASA scientists working on exploration of the red planet. The mysterious stone that was immortalized in the photograph made by Opportunity Jeep a few days ago was not there yet.

At the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Opportunity and Spirit, Steve Squyers, lead scientist at NASA, presented an interesting case of stone named “Pinnacle Island”.

How did it happen that between 3528 and 3540, a stone of fist size appeared in the camera frame of a non-moving rover?

Currently two possible explanations concern the rotation of the rover and the nearby fall of the meteorite. Unofficially, engineers are betting on the first version. Throwing away the stone by the rover alone during the maneuver may be conducive to the fact that one of the working wheels alone has long since ceased to function. To make sure about the origin of the unexpected find, scientists need some more days.

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