The BBC is testing videos tailored to the viewer

The BBC is experimenting with a new project called Visual Perceptive Media, which can completely change the way viewers watch movies. Its purpose is to create a technology that will tailor the videos to a specific viewer, so depending on who sees them, the individual scenes may vary slightly.

While sitting in front of the TV to watch a movie, we have no influence on the content presented here, and it may happen that some scenes will not suit us because of the high level of brutality, nudity, And if so, could you customize the material you are watching for your personal preferences?

This is what the BBC wants to do, which runs experiments with a project called Visual Perceptive Media to tailor the video to a specific audience. Before you start watching, you fill out a survey that asks you what you like and what you do not like and what you like about music.

Depending on the answers given, the scene data for the movie will vary. Other will be the soundtrack, the coloring of the stage and many other elements, including the actors’ gender.

This technology will give manufacturers a whole new way to tell the audience the different stories. For the time being, it will remain in the experimental phase, although it is planned to build a prototype of these tools for public presentation.

More information is available on the BBC -perceptive-media website, where it also includes demonstration videos.

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