Sweden tests the first electric highway

Sweden has been developing fossil fuel projects in the national transport network for some time. Part of this project is the country’s first electric motorway that will drive the truck power without worrying about the short range of built-in batteries.

The technology of electric motors is not yet developed enough to be used in trucks. Although there are several models of electric powered vans, the maximum range of 100 km discourages entrepreneurs from using them on a larger scale because they are useless. Truckloads can be up to 1,000 km in a day, so every few hours you have to take a battery charge break.

It would be ideal if such a car could be constantly loaded, but it would require serious road reconstruction. The Swedes, however, say that this is a great idea, so a test drive near Stockholm was electrified over a two-kilometer stretch of road, installing electric wires over which the lorries used the pantographs, in the same way as typical trams.

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