Surprisingly low salaries of CEOs from the silicon valley

We all think that CEOs and CEOs of big IT corporations earn millions of dollars. And it’s true, though not sure why, officially, most of them have lowered their annual salary to just $ 1.

Steve Jobs, Apple’s former chief executive, and Steve Jobs, the owner of Facebook. Of course, this is purely marketing. In fact, the basic salary of the president of a large corporation is purely symbolic, since after all the bonuses and shares of the company added to the salary, we get the amount at which we can get lost with counting zeros.

This is with Larry Ellison, the president of Oracle, whose remuneration as President is a symbolic dollar. But what about this, since last year its total revenue was $ 96.2 million, placing it first in the best paid directors in the United States.

Still, it seems that new fashion is starting to wander wider circles, because the lowering of the salary to the symbolic dollar, also decided Meg Whitman of HP, Mark Pincus of Zyngi, and Jerry Yang of Yahoo. Similar officials also decide on the move. The dollar was made by California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mitt Romney and Michael Bloomberg, media mogul and mayor of New York.

It is difficult to understand similar gestures, the meaning of which is purely symbolic. Maybe it just improves the well-being of businessmen who can officially say that they do not earn more than a serial employee while their tens of millions of dollars run into their accounts. It is strongly hypocritical, but this is how the world works.

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