South Korea wants to liquidate the dime

In South Korea, tests began on a new payment system that aims to eliminate the dime.

Thanks to this, customers will not have to carry large quantities of small pockets with their pockets.

Persons who continue to use cash when making purchases are well aware of the problem with the large amount of coins that you need to carry with you. A large amount of coins not only pockets our pockets and destroys our wallets, but also hummels us when walking.

In South Korea it was resolved to solve this problem in a slightly different way. This week there were tests of new prepaid cards offered by Bank of Korea, which will be sent to the rest, remaining from the money we paid for the bill, which is usually spent in coins.

The purpose of the project is not to force citizens to switch to non-cash transactions, but to get rid of useless coins, which will not only make life easier for citizens but will also save you money. Only in 2016 did production cost $ 47 million dollars.

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