PlayBook is cheaper, but it does not help much

RIM must face the complete lack of interest in the PlayBook tablet, lacking basic features. It does not even help to significantly reduce the price.

An attempt to market the tablet market by the BlackBerry smartphone maker can be considered a total failure. But that could not be the end, since the PlayBook does not have such basic features as built-in e-mail client and some other components.

RIM claims that it is already looking for OS 2.0, which will already have a mail client, and will also support Android applications, but the new firmware will not arrive until February next year, and so far, something has to be done to at least partially save the tablet. .

RIM decided to drastically reduce the price of the device. In the US market, the price has dropped by as much as $ 200, while at the British $ 150. However, despite such an attractive price – $ 329 for the 16GB version, the tablet still does not attract much interest.

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