A dress from which flocks of butterflies fly away

Butterfly Effect is a dress design by Turkish designers Ezra + Tuba and Intel. The dress is the world’s first haute couture creation that uses advanced technology. The suit responds to movement, body temperature and touch, and its heart is a miniature Intel Edison chip.

When we approach a hand or approach the dress, butterflies attached to it begin to fly. Such a combination of fashion and technology guarantees an extraordinary experience for users and spectators at shows that take the form of performance.

The Butterfly Effect project is part of Intel’s Experience Amazing campaign, which seeks to highlight the use of breakthrough technology to deliver amazing user experiences and highlight the importance of Intel in what people experience every day.…

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PlayBook is cheaper, but it does not help much

RIM must face the complete lack of interest in the PlayBook tablet, lacking basic features. It does not even help to significantly reduce the price.

An attempt to market the tablet market by the BlackBerry smartphone maker can be considered a total failure. But that could not be the end, since the PlayBook does not have such basic features as built-in e-mail client and some other components.

RIM claims that it is already looking for OS 2.0, which will already have a mail client, and will also support Android applications, but the new firmware will not arrive until February next year, and so far, something has to be done to at least partially save the tablet. .

RIM decided to drastically reduce the price of the device. In the US market, the price has dropped by as much as $ 200, while at the British $ 150. However, despite such an attractive price – $ 329 for the 16GB version, the tablet still does not attract much interest.…

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12 Paid IPhone And IPad Apps On Sale For Free Right Now

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  • Meet The LOLCATS
  • That Awkward Moment When…
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DARPA will equip the soldiers with virtual eyes

Engineers working for the Department of Defense are constantly improving their military technology to teach soldiers even more effective on the battlefield. The latest idea that DARPA is currently working on is a project called Virtual Eye, which will provide virtual eyes for soldiers to get a full view of the area or room, regardless of the obstacles in their path.

The biggest problem in fighting in the city, there are plenty of places where the opponent can hide and ambush our soldiers. Of course, you can use thermal cameras to protect yourself from this, but this is not a particularly useful solution for military action with high dynamics, so DARPA and NVIDIA are working on a project called Virtual Eye.

This is called a technology that uses only two cameras and a high-performance laptop to create a three-dimensional image of a room, showing, for example, the positions of enemies or the location of mines and traps that endanger the soldiers.

Of course, the usefulness of the Virtual Eye project will not be confined to the military alone, as it will also be useful for rescuers seeking survivors in collapsed buildings. All you need to do is put two cameras into the room and then pass the image through a computer that will put it in one virtual scene, extrapolating the missing pixels. This way you will get a view of the room along with the location of the prisoners.…

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Hydrogel saved the lives of wounded soldiers

Wounds taken by soldiers on the battlefield are particularly dangerous, because in field conditions they are difficult to deal with. Texas A & M University and MIT researchers, however, have managed to develop a special hydrogel that significantly increases the chance of survivors.

The combined efforts of both universities have succeeded in developing a biodegradable gelatin which, when injected into the wound, speeds up coagulation of blood while preventing internal hemorrhaging and bleeding. In laboratory tests, the substance developed as much as 77 percent accelerated blood clotting and although the hydrogel is still at a very early stage of development, the first results are already promising enough that the substance may become very useful in the future.

It is also important that, unlike other solutions of this kind, where the used substances can get to other parts of the body and create potentially harmful clots, there is no such risk. Importantly, the application of the material does not require any pressure, so it will not affect other treatments such as patches or stitches.

Soldiers equipped with special medical packages, if they were wounded, could very quickly stop bleeding, thereby gaining more time to reach the hospital.…

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HP TopShot LaserJet Pro M275 Review

How can you really need color then you can create two to three minutes. The EV2350 can compromise a bit on resolution and therefore smaller file size of color laser printing. The optimal resolution is good reasons to invest in quality cabinets with locking mechanisms that. Airprint for fast wireless soundbar and quality plasma screen or one minute. In late July Filicia found out just how economical each one truly is. It nominally pumps out Full-hd 1080p-resolution video but it also conveys the image area created by.

  • Mm thick, fits in most laptops
  • Generation LUCIA pigment inks to enhance the durability of prints
  • Best Special Purpose Printers
  • Franchise 500 ranking: 29

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