An American senator troubled by smart toys

Not every parent is aware that smart toys that connect to the internet can be a serious threat to privacy. The US Senate has prepared the latest report on this issue.

Contemporary toys are becoming more technologically advanced, have built-in microphones, cameras, and wireless connectivity to the global network. The premise of the device is to increase the usability of this type of gadgets, but in practice makes them a threat to privacy.

The US Senate has published the latest report in which it expresses concern about toys. It suggests that they can collect children’s information, such as names and other details of their lives, which are then stored on the manufacturer’s servers, are not properly protected against theft. The US Senate is most afraid that using such toys, criminals can steal users’ identities and then use them for their own purposes, such as fraud.

The report also provides some examples of such threats, and one of them is hacking into VTech, during which hackers have stolen millions of children and their parents. It also points to the poor security level of the Fisher-Toy Smart Toy Bear and the KGPS HereO Children’s Watch equipped with a locator function.

The report also points out that, despite consumers’ data protection policies, many companies have large loopholes in their systems that could potentially be a gateway for hackers to steal them. And when it is done, it is unknown what will happen next with these data and what can be used. Hackers may for years, completely unnoticed use the bank accounts and credit cards of their victims, and when the case comes to light, it means for the victims a myriad of problems, including the lack of ability to take credit.…

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South Korea wants to liquidate the dime

In South Korea, tests began on a new payment system that aims to eliminate the dime.

Thanks to this, customers will not have to carry large quantities of small pockets with their pockets.

Persons who continue to use cash when making purchases are well aware of the problem with the large amount of coins that you need to carry with you. A large amount of coins not only pockets our pockets and destroys our wallets, but also hummels us when walking.

In South Korea it was resolved to solve this problem in a slightly different way. This week there were tests of new prepaid cards offered by Bank of Korea, which will be sent to the rest, remaining from the money we paid for the bill, which is usually spent in coins.

The purpose of the project is not to force citizens to switch to non-cash transactions, but to get rid of useless coins, which will not only make life easier for citizens but will also save you money. Only in 2016 did production cost $ 47 million dollars.…

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Sweden tests the first electric highway

Sweden has been developing fossil fuel projects in the national transport network for some time. Part of this project is the country’s first electric motorway that will drive the truck power without worrying about the short range of built-in batteries.

The technology of electric motors is not yet developed enough to be used in trucks. Although there are several models of electric powered vans, the maximum range of 100 km discourages entrepreneurs from using them on a larger scale because they are useless. Truckloads can be up to 1,000 km in a day, so every few hours you have to take a battery charge break.

It would be ideal if such a car could be constantly loaded, but it would require serious road reconstruction. The Swedes, however, say that this is a great idea, so a test drive near Stockholm was electrified over a two-kilometer stretch of road, installing electric wires over which the lorries used the pantographs, in the same way as typical trams.…

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Samsung is working on the AMOLED family of tablets

The fight on the tablet market is so fierce that you still have to put on sale new, better models, because the competition is not asleep and can easily pick up customers. Samsung perfectly understands the rules here, so it plans to announce a new line of tablets that will be equipped with AMOLED screens.

New devices for the Korean giant to get OLED displays have been mentioned since the beginning of this year, but little is known about them yet. The leak only results in the family of devices being named Galaxy Tab S and consist of two models with 8.4 “and 10.5” screens, in both cases offering a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels, exactly as they are. Now Galaxy NotePro and Galaxy TabPRO devices.

OLED screens will not be the only novelty that will come with upcoming tablets. Unofficially, it is suggested that a biometric sensor similar to that available on the Galaxy S5. As mentioned in the smartphone, the sensor will be in the Home button and will offer a variety of features, such as PayPal payment authorization, file security, and login to various services.

And what can we expect of a technical specification? Although official details are not known, it does not bother the media speculate. It is said that the heart of the Galaxy Tab S will be Exynos processor. This move is aimed at reducing Samsung’s dependence on Qualcomm chips. The processor is supposed to work with 3 GB of memory, plus we can count on an LTE modem.

Other features include an 8 megapixel rear camera with a 2.1 megapixel front-facing camera, Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi, GPS with Glonass, and NFC. There will also be an IR transmitter to control audio-video equipment, and the operating system will be Android 4.4 KitKat.…

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Livescribe Pulse Smartpen Digitally Copies Notes, Records 3D Audio

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Uncovered insights on central issues in ihome jack skellington headphones

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The BBC is testing videos tailored to the viewer

The BBC is experimenting with a new project called Visual Perceptive Media, which can completely change the way viewers watch movies. Its purpose is to create a technology that will tailor the videos to a specific viewer, so depending on who sees them, the individual scenes may vary slightly.

While sitting in front of the TV to watch a movie, we have no influence on the content presented here, and it may happen that some scenes will not suit us because of the high level of brutality, nudity, And if so, could you customize the material you are watching for your personal preferences?

This is what the BBC wants to do, which runs experiments with a project called Visual Perceptive Media to tailor the video to a specific audience. Before you start watching, you fill out a survey that asks you what you like and what you do not like and what you like about music.

Depending on the answers given, the scene data for the movie will vary. Other will be the soundtrack, the coloring of the stage and many other elements, including the actors’ gender.

This technology will give manufacturers a whole new way to tell the audience the different stories. For the time being, it will remain in the experimental phase, although it is planned to build a prototype of these tools for public presentation.

More information is available on the BBC -perceptive-media website, where it also includes demonstration videos.…

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Microsoft is working on a new Surface model

In January of this year, Microsoft ended production of Surface 2 tablet and it was time for his successor. Rumors about it have been around since the end of 2014, but now it seems that the reports are true and the American giant is actually designing a new version of its tablet.

The beginnings of the Surface family were not the best, but with the successive models, their situation began to look better. Earlier this year, Microsoft reported sales of tablets and increased 25 percent and exceeded a billion dollars. At the same time, he announced the completion of Surface 2, so more and more gossip began to suggest the launch of his successor.

So far these have been inconclusive, but now it looks like the company is actually designing a new tablet model. The device will no longer rely on less useful Windows RT, but on Windows 8.1 with the ability to upgrade to Windows 10, which will appear this year.

It will also be equipped with an Intel Atom or Core M processor and will be targeted at less demanding customers.…

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A smartphone that you can rely on in any situation

Can you imagine life without a smartphone? I also did not. For that I can not let a device with which I do not really part who is my partner at work and a way to entertain outside of it has failed me at the least expected moment. That is why I was interested in Samsung Galaxy A5. Is this a good choice? You can find out with me by following my “live blog”.

Why Samsung Galaxy A5? My whole life revolves around new technologies. I work in Onet’s video section heavily connected with social media campaigns. I love everything that revolves around e-sports, and Twitch is my first choice when it comes to entertainment. Galaxy A5 seems tailored to my needs. This is a reasonably priced smartphone that offers almost the same as most advanced flagship models. I count on giving me access to e-mail, fejs, insta and snap in any condition and help me collect video footage. From the very beginning, the challenge for our duo – Intel Extreme Masters finale! How will the Galaxy A5 deal with such a big event and how will it work a week, a month later in the course of daily use? Check regularly. I will keep you informed on the fly 🙂…

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Surprisingly low salaries of CEOs from the silicon valley

We all think that CEOs and CEOs of big IT corporations earn millions of dollars. And it’s true, though not sure why, officially, most of them have lowered their annual salary to just $ 1.

Steve Jobs, Apple’s former chief executive, and Steve Jobs, the owner of Facebook. Of course, this is purely marketing. In fact, the basic salary of the president of a large corporation is purely symbolic, since after all the bonuses and shares of the company added to the salary, we get the amount at which we can get lost with counting zeros.

This is with Larry Ellison, the president of Oracle, whose remuneration as President is a symbolic dollar. But what about this, since last year its total revenue was $ 96.2 million, placing it first in the best paid directors in the United States.

Still, it seems that new fashion is starting to wander wider circles, because the lowering of the salary to the symbolic dollar, also decided Meg Whitman of HP, Mark Pincus of Zyngi, and Jerry Yang of Yahoo. Similar officials also decide on the move. The dollar was made by California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mitt Romney and Michael Bloomberg, media mogul and mayor of New York.

It is difficult to understand similar gestures, the meaning of which is purely symbolic. Maybe it just improves the well-being of businessmen who can officially say that they do not earn more than a serial employee while their tens of millions of dollars run into their accounts. It is strongly hypocritical, but this is how the world works.…

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