Front Ford GT window with Gorilla Glass

Smartphone owners are well aware of the durable Gorilla Glass that protects the screens from damage. So far we thought that apart from mobile equipment, the material was not suitable for other applications. Meanwhile, Ford has proved us otherwise, using it to make the windshield for the sporty Ford GT.

In sports cars, mass is crucial to performance, so manufacturers are trying to replace traditional materials with their ultra lightweight versions, as well as removing unnecessary equipment that could slow down such vehicles. In this weight reduction race, however, there is a limit beyond which it would be unprofitable for ordinary vehicles. However, it turns out that there are ways to further reduce the weight without cosmic expense and also used the Ford in its super sporty model Ford GT.

The standard front windscreen was replaced by a Corning version of Gorilla Glass. The Gorilla Glass Hybrid is made of three layers of material and is much thinner than conventional laminate glass. This not only reduced the weight of the vehicle by 5.5 kg but also increased the damage to the windshield. Lower mass will give the car a better acceleration, reduce fuel consumption and improve braking performance.

Ford has been making glass replacement for traditional glass with Gorilla Glass since 2007, trying out different variants of glass before it managed to find the right balance of weight and strength. The company assures that the new windshield has already been tested under normal road conditions and in the aerodynamic tunnel. Also tested for its impact strength and roofing. All the tests went through singing.

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