First bent samsung TV already on sale

Curved screens have been on sale for some time now, but TV manufacturers are aware that not all consumers are convinced of this technology, so they introduce devices that bend only at the user’s explicit request.

Big companies in the consumer electronics industry have long recognized that typical flat TVs are the past and have begun to produce receivers with curved screens, emphasizing that this is a much better solution for watching movies.

It is difficult to say whether this is the case, because for now such receivers are too expensive, so before the dissemination will pass still a lot of time. But manufacturers must realize that not all consumers are convinced of this solution, so they went to some compromise and designed hybrid TVs that can be bent at any time.

Samsung’s 85-inch screen showed at the January CES show in Las Vegas, and tomorrow it will lead to sales in its home market. This will be a slightly smaller model compared to the one shown at CES because it has a diagonal of 78 inches.

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