Defective power supplies in NOOK Tablet 7

Just three months after the launch of NOOK Tablet 7, Barnes & Noble announces the replacement of the power supplies.

It turns out that they are faulty and may endanger the users.

At the end of last year, Barnes & Noble decided to expand their offerings and introduced the new NOOK Tablet 7. However, the company neglected the technical control of its product, because after a few months after the debut, it turned out that the power adapter of the new tablet is defective and may endanger the life of its owner.

The manufacturer has announced a replacement action, warning users at the same time that they will not use the factory power supply under any circumstances. Although the company had already known of its defect, but initially thought it was not too threatening, the truth was somewhat different.

The casing of the power supply may break, uncovering metal wires the touch of which may cause electric shock.

There were already four such incidents, but fortunately no one was seriously wounded in them.

On a specially launched page you can check the serial number of your device and see if it belongs to a defective series.

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