DARPA will equip the soldiers with virtual eyes

Engineers working for the Department of Defense are constantly improving their military technology to teach soldiers even more effective on the battlefield. The latest idea that DARPA is currently working on is a project called Virtual Eye, which will provide virtual eyes for soldiers to get a full view of the area or room, regardless of the obstacles in their path.

The biggest problem in fighting in the city, there are plenty of places where the opponent can hide and ambush our soldiers. Of course, you can use thermal cameras to protect yourself from this, but this is not a particularly useful solution for military action with high dynamics, so DARPA and NVIDIA are working on a project called Virtual Eye.

This is called a technology that uses only two cameras and a high-performance laptop to create a three-dimensional image of a room, showing, for example, the positions of enemies or the location of mines and traps that endanger the soldiers.

Of course, the usefulness of the Virtual Eye project will not be confined to the military alone, as it will also be useful for rescuers seeking survivors in collapsed buildings. All you need to do is put two cameras into the room and then pass the image through a computer that will put it in one virtual scene, extrapolating the missing pixels. This way you will get a view of the room along with the location of the prisoners.

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