An American senator troubled by smart toys

Not every parent is aware that smart toys that connect to the internet can be a serious threat to privacy. The US Senate has prepared the latest report on this issue.

Contemporary toys are becoming more technologically advanced, have built-in microphones, cameras, and wireless connectivity to the global network. The premise of the device is to increase the usability of this type of gadgets, but in practice makes them a threat to privacy.

The US Senate has published the latest report in which it expresses concern about toys. It suggests that they can collect children’s information, such as names and other details of their lives, which are then stored on the manufacturer’s servers, are not properly protected against theft. The US Senate is most afraid that using such toys, criminals can steal users’ identities and then use them for their own purposes, such as fraud.

The report also provides some examples of such threats, and one of them is hacking into VTech, during which hackers have stolen millions of children and their parents. It also points to the poor security level of the Fisher-Toy Smart Toy Bear and the KGPS HereO Children’s Watch equipped with a locator function.

The report also points out that, despite consumers’ data protection policies, many companies have large loopholes in their systems that could potentially be a gateway for hackers to steal them. And when it is done, it is unknown what will happen next with these data and what can be used. Hackers may for years, completely unnoticed use the bank accounts and credit cards of their victims, and when the case comes to light, it means for the victims a myriad of problems, including the lack of ability to take credit.

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