A smartphone that you can rely on in any situation

Can you imagine life without a smartphone? I also did not. For that I can not let a device with which I do not really part who is my partner at work and a way to entertain outside of it has failed me at the least expected moment. That is why I was interested in Samsung Galaxy A5. Is this a good choice? You can find out with me by following my “live blog”.

Why Samsung Galaxy A5? My whole life revolves around new technologies. I work in Onet’s video section heavily connected with social media campaigns. I love everything that revolves around e-sports, and Twitch is my first choice when it comes to entertainment. Galaxy A5 seems tailored to my needs. This is a reasonably priced smartphone that offers almost the same as most advanced flagship models. I count on giving me access to e-mail, fejs, insta and snap in any condition and help me collect video footage. From the very beginning, the challenge for our duo – Intel Extreme Masters finale! How will the Galaxy A5 deal with such a big event and how will it work a week, a month later in the course of daily use? Check regularly. I will keep you informed on the fly 🙂

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