Solo Fitzroy 2011 - Press Release

The Mission
In February 2011 Australian Young Adventurer of the Year Lachie Carracher will attempt what has never been done before. He will solo paddle Australia’s highest volume river - one of the most remote rivers in the world - at the peak of the monsoon season.
The solo expedition is expected to take 5-7 days and will cover over 400km of the Fitzroy, known as the heart of the Kimberley, in North Western Australia.
In 2010 Lachie lead a team of 11 white-water professionals and environmental spokespeople down the Fitzroy and spent 24 days on the river mapping and taking note of major rapids, land marks and areas of high crocodile population.
In 2011, using his knowledge and experience gained from this previous expedition, Lachie plans to paddle the river in only 5 days. This voyage will place Lachie with only a few others in the world that have paddled such a high grade of whitewater, for days on end, alone.

The Reason
The goal of the expedition is to campaign and raise awareness for the need of blanket national heritage listing of the Kimberley Region, including the entire Fitzroy catchment.
The Kimberley Region contains a high concentration of Bradshaw Paintings (Gwion Gwion to the indigenous populations), sophisticated representations of early mankind from a very different time in Australia’s history. Some claim that these drawings are the oldest examples of rock art in the world, at an estimated 30,000-50,000 years old.
The Kimberley is home to the oldest culture known to man and the most pristine savanna woodlands found anywhere on Earth. These remarkable natural phenomena are threatened by a plethora of development proposals from energy, damming, mining, agriculture and water multinationals. The only way to ensure the Kimberley's protection now and in the future is for blanket heritage listing, and this expedition will raise the profile of the area and the need for listing.

Check out the latest on Lachie's website for daily Sat phone updates from the river and more information on this progressive expedition

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